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Disgusted with the Obama's diet and lifestyle

I am not looking for a fight here and please, let's not get personal here.  Just expressing an opinion on a vegan website, that is all.  I am just wondering if any other vegans have similar feelings/thoughts on this.

I don't respect the Obama's diet and lifestyle.  Why? Because they advertised themselves as visionaries and progressive but do not live this way. They don't practice what they preach. I expected more from them.

One thing I am really disgusted with is their diet.  They have all the money they need to be a positive example to the country in terms of diet. They could be eating exciting, healthy, more plant based meals..but what do they choose? They choose hamburgers frequently and very expensive meats, lobster, caviar and anything else that is considered high status.  They eat that expensive Japanese meat, Wagyu steaks, and Spanish Hams.  Blech!!!

They have access to any diet in the world..yet they choose frequently something as banal  as hamburgers .  I don't feel they are truly progressive as they like to see themselves.  My motto is "high thinking, simple living" and I really love to live this way.  From the way Obama and Michelle preached to us, they would like US to live that way, too..except that they DON'T.  Instead, they are very luxury orientated, very pleasure orientated be damned animals, the environment or health.  Their diets are totally lacking in creativity, even with all their resources.  They are the opposite: "High living, simple thinking".

Also, Michelle's designer clothes fixation, shopping, expensive trips. I feel this is what she is about, not higher values as she claims to have.  I personally love fashion myself but I deplore "designer" fashion.  It just seems tasteless to me, especially in a bad economy and it's just so unecessary and it shows what she is status. 

I would not be making these comments IF they didn't present themselves as "different" or "progressive". If they were any old politician I would not say anything because I don't expect more from other politicians.  But Barack Obama made himself out to be different.  Also the fact that they are asking us us to share more of our pie for others, yet they aren't doing it themselves?  They are more into luxury and status than ever.  I doubt they would be happy living a simple life, seriously.  I think they are addicted to luxury.

And no, I am not envious.  I truly love a simple life.  I don't need nor do I care about name brands, fancy meats...I find all of that stuff repulsive and in bad taste.  I am very happy to be me...someone who gets a lot of joy from simple delicious meals and shopping bargains.  Someone who cares about animals and cruelty.

I thought they would be better.  They could be better if they wanted to, but they choose not to. Sigh.

Hot cook mama....I am fully aware it's not an ideal world.  I am very practical person and live in the world.

Obama preached himself to be different but his diet is so ordinary, so unimaginative and so thoughtless with world realities.  I expect them to be different because they claimed to be different. That is why I expect them to be different from other President's because they made such a big deal about it.

I have a feeling here that one cannot criticize the President at all because he is well liked and liberal. But I am sorry, he is ripe for criticism!  He could and should do better but he has proved to be very ordinary in many ways. Sorry, that' how I feel and I am stickin' with it. 


I'm not in love with the Obamas.  The administration (democrats, in general) are way too liberal with government funds for my tastes, but I will say this:

I went to college to get a degree in a field in which I could make a solid (some would consider substantial) income.  Sure, I was interested in, say, majoring in Spanish, but I know enough to differentiate between a hobby and a career.  I'll be damned if I am going to feel bad for buying artwork, quality kitchen tools, or $300 vegan handbags.

It seems so many people in this country confuse 'equal opportunity' with 'equal outcome'. 

Stop with the 'poor me' shit already.  I grew up in WV, was a first generation college graduate, and had very little support from my family.  Guess what?  I still bought my own home before I was 30, have very little revolving debt (pesky student loans), and splurge at least once a month on something because I want it.  I earned it! 

This isn't saying that I don't donate to charities or volunteer with organizations I care about (I do both), but I refuse to feel bad for enjoying my income and don't think that the Obama family should either. 

Props to Mrs. O for the garden - I couldn't grow a dandelion.



I have a feeling here that one cannot criticize the President at all because he is well liked and liberal.  

Nope; criticism is fine, here or anywhere else... like most politicians, there's both good stuff & bad to discuss. As points of criticism go, however, this just seems like rather a silly one. That's all i'm saying, and i'll stick with that!

(Luckily, though, we don't have to agree!)  :)


True dat, mdv.  I should have been an engineer, but I chose freakin biology because it was interesting.  At work, people with only high school degrees make more than biologists and chemists with PhDs.  College was a total waste of time and money because I chose interesting over practical.


I have a feeling here that one cannot criticize the President at all because he is well liked and liberal.

Um...where were we jumping around with our pom-poms for him? I am an ultra-liberal and I don't like Obama but I don't like him for real reasons not because I don't agree with what he eats or wears.


You should be a lot more disgusted with his irrational socialist politics.


Who says that just because a person comes to have a certain title that they have to Change the way they eat? Who makes that decision? Why the concern and research into what that family is eating?

Who cares if Michelle Works in her garden? She has one. Can Most Americans says that? Also, if she were to dress in more "simple" clothing, she would be seen as "simple" and "tasteless" and the media would begin to go on about how she should use her resources to dress more appropriately for her status. Right?

My point is, the world is not a vacuum. You are no more perfect than the next person, regardless of their status. Therefore, you shouldn't expect Everyone to conform to your diet, views or lifestyle only because you assume it is the Best way to be or live. In the end, one of the best thing about being human is Free Will. If no laws are broken, allow people to live their lives. You win converts by making an example of Yourself, not by criticizing the choices of others. Everyone born has that right, even a person of authority.



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