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Food, Inc.

My philosophy teacher just had us watch it. All the poor little chickens that can't stand up because they weigh too much, and they live in the dark. A cow with a hole connected to the first chamber in its stomach which apparently "doesn't hurt". Assembly lines of thousands of dead carcasses. A two year old boy who died from a mutant e coli strand. Oh and the grain industry making patented mutant gmo soy beans and suing anyone not buying that bean. Smithfield has an agreement saying immigration can arrest a certain number of illegal immigrants a day. The USDA can't close repeat food born illness establishments. Etc, etc, etc...

Be warned it is an extremely graphic and disturbing film. I wish my teacher warned us though just so I could have mentally prepared myself for it.

Josh/politicalmonty- No not really I get anxiety/panic attacks when I watch those documentaries. I know what happenes I've seen pictures, read articles, listened to you guys but it was the first one I really watched all the way through. It just shocked me how many people were unfazed by it and didn't want to further investigate the truth about the horrors that happen on a daily basis to poor little animals.


Understood. :) I was just curious. Those documentaries aren't for the faint of heart. I was tense throughout a huge part of the Earthlings movie.

And yes! Amy! That's the quote. Thank you. I was thinking Winston Churchill in my head. Odd, I know. Ha.



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