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If you eat produce look at this

"More than 400,000 children in the United States are torn away from their schools and homes to work as migrant workers with their families."

There's also a book 'Tomatoland' that touches on this problem-- have only read interviews with the author, so far, but (like this documentary) it looks disturbingly interesting... can these child labor/ worker abuse issues be separated from immigration law? Seems unlikely... corporate food goes for max profit, the end. That has led to child labor in many other countries... why NOT here, if those being harmed by it are too scared of being deported (or simply too desperately poor) to report it? (asshoooooles!!)

Like we see with factory farmed animal food: cheap food isn't.

Good reason to plant a garden and buy from local small-scale growers as much as possible-- somehow I don't see my neighbor Ed (aka 'farmer Ed', when working the produce stand) carrying on like this, spraying kids with pesticide & such... that's the province of mega-monocrop corporate fields, it seems; duly f***ing noted.

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