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Now you've all done it!

OK, I came here just trying to have some peace in the family over what to make for meals.  DD's vegetarianism and my lactose intolerance were not a good combo.  Add in DH and DS who like their meat and I have major menu planning issues.  I have noticed over the last few weeks that when I eat the "cheep meat" from the regular grocery store, I feel really nasty.  I can still tolerate  the 100% grass fed, no hormomes, no antibody beef and the free range chicken but I rarely eat more than a few bites.  I just don't care for it any more.

It's all you're fault!  If your recipies were not so good, I would still be back in my old habits.  I am NOT taking any responsibility for this.  You all did it to me!!!  And I am loving the food!



heehee, I told you it was contagious!  ;)b


Your welcome :-D


yayayayayayayaya <3

i think you found a very inviting group of helpful vegans here... i love vegweb and i love how helpful everyone is... eating vegan for me just makes me such a happier person... i wouldn't trade that for anything, especially since now after 2.5 years i have tried more new foods and cuisines than i ever did in the 20 something years as an omni...

hope it sticks, try some vegan cookbooks too sometime... especially ones by terry or isa <3


See that subtle attraction is just kickin' right's all part of our master plan to take over the worllllld....muahahaha!

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