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Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins

I just watched this video with Peter Singer (utilitarian and huge player in the start of the animal rights movement) and Richard Dawkins (huge proponent of truth and evolution) talking about the connection between science and ethics.

I was wondering what you opinions are on it.

For the most part, their views line up fairly well with veganism (as you would expect from Singer).  Do you think morals are derived from the neurology of biological creatures?

Near the end, around 42, they talk about creating a half chimp and half human hybrid.  And they ask if this would be moral.  They say that it may be the moral thing to do, because it could help break the wall between human and animals.  Not for the animal itself, but for society as a whole.  What do you think of that?

This is fantastic! I am a huge fan of Richard Dawkins so hearing his take is extremely exciting. Only had the time to see 15 minutes of it, but I'll watch the rest later tonight with my boyfriend. :D I LOVE the implications about foreseeing the future and bereaving - they're opening up so many aspects that I don't generally consider! I also love that line about continuums in relation to lines.

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