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Posting vegan views on Facebook

So, I'm still a new vegan, so still stoked to talk about it and new experiences.  I know people on Facebook are annoying at times, and it's really annoying to me when people "pray" on it (saying God please this and that) or when new moms post like their baby is Facebook (mommy loves you but you're keeping me up) but here's the thing... I can post recipes that I proclaim are vegan, and get no flack, but if I post a quote or photo or say pro vegan things, people get out of control.  I welcome discussing and hearing different opinions, but the blatant rudeness and arrogance that I am just being a silly eater is outrageous.  By all means Facebook is just Facebook.... Just another social media outlet, and I'm not trying to offend anyone or please everyone.

Do you vegers post things on Facebook?  Loving this website, and is a perfect place to share and ask, just wondered what you cats do with social media sites and how you proclaim or hint or even keep quiet about your veganism.

you need some vegan friends homegirl i post shit all the time... also, as far as people saying rude stuff back i would ask them to keep their comments positive and peaceful or just don't say anything at all... if they are flat out jerks DELETE THEM



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