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Show Choirs

In normal Sunday morning fashion, I'm watching the news/social commentary shows. I'm currently watching "CBS Sunday Morning". They just finished a showcase on show choir across the country. One show choir was here in Ohio.

My question is this - is anyone else getting sick of show choirs and the show Glee?! I was always in choir, plays, musical theatre, and band. But when I was in choir, we did art-pieces or more traditional pieces. No song and dance with the worst pop tunes.

Any thoughts on show choir? Are any of you alums?

I used to do dance, theater and choir/chorus but I've never watched Glee or that High School Music stuff. Closest thing I've watched to that was the episode of South Park that made fun of HSM. That being said, I can't be an expert on the subject since I've never seen these things but perhaps they're just in a different style or genre of performance. I can undersand feeling plagued by them if they're starting to pop up everywhere without another (perhaps more sophisticated) style of performance breaking the mainstream surface. Hopefully it will get more people interested in these types of things though and want to further pursue them. If they do, there's a good chance they'll learn of everything you've mentioned in your post.


Minke -

You're saying that maybe (just maybe) show choir will open others to the wonders of musical theatre, concert choir, etc? If so, I see where you're going and I like the possibilities. Good food for thought, Ms. Minke.



If people enjoy singing in show choirs and people enjoy watching it, where's the harm? I sang in choirs for years and always welcomed a modern piece to break up the church music - at least we weren't singing in Latin and Greek for once.

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