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small town produce options, amazon & poem/song (fructose freak)

when searching for veg recipes, produce options are a concern when shopping resources are limited.  would like to try out this site for more realistic recipes for my situation.  on a related note, what's the skinny on canned fruits and veggies?  can find organic more easily via web but nutrition?  here's a little poem:




She’s a fructose freak

She’s a fructose freak

She likes to eat carica papaya

As a daily treat

Without syrup 

Messy or nice and neat

She’s a fructose freak

Says ‘no, thank you’ when you give her meat

She’s a fructose freak

Thinks pyrus are tough to beat

Takes a musa without the heat

Throws a fit if you throw sucrose at her feet

She’s a fructose freak


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