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Is soy important in a Vegan diet?

My Wife & I are just starting to go full Vegan, we have been on a whole food diet for the past year.  We started by being more particular about our sources of animal protein (grass-fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught fish), but a friend recommended that we watch Fork's over Knives and now we are preparing to eliminate all animal products from our diet.

My concern is that my wife's Dr. has said for years that she avoid soy products (fabroid tumors (sp)), I have read a number of articles that men should avoid soy, effect on hormones and fertility.  How important is soy as a source of protein and as a meat substutite to a vegan diet.  What other options are available to address these concerns?

I know many soy free vegans just as I do gluten free vegans... You say you are already eating "whole foods" so I don't see soy consumption being an issue as most soy is found in processed food items (vegan mayo, mock meats, ect)... I am glad you are thinking of choosing a more healthful lifestyle for yourself, the animals, and our enviornment... Also, the humane meat thing is pretty much a marketing gimic... free range chickens are just free of cages but that doesn't mean they have adequate room to enjoy life and regardless all these animals end up at the same filthy slaughterhouse... food for thought


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