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Vegan Breakfast Cereals?

Is Cinnamon Crunch truly not vegan?
I'm a very conscious vegan and don't eat it because it's said to have "d3". But many of my vegan friends just say it's a myth?

I don't want to take my chances until discussing it with you guys.

A myth? Well, it is in the ingredient it looks like it does contain D3, which is derived from lanolin.


I know that all Kelloggs (with one exception) and General Mills cereals' vitamin D are animal derived.  My rule is that any cereal that has vitamin D of any kind in the ingredient list is not vegan.  I stick with WF's brands.


All cereals are by definition vegan.  What you mean are them over-hyped over-priced over-processed over-taxed cereal-based products, which often add lots of sugar, preservatives, and other nasty things.  Who needs them anyway?  It's just a matter of habit.  Hot cereals are very easy to prepare - put `em in a rice cooker in the morning before you go into shower, and it's ready when you come out.  Add soy milk and nuts / seeds / berries / etc and you're set.  Buying in bulk and cooking grains yourself mean you're getting as much as 95% off!

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