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Who is Responsible For Recession? and what to do about it?

Whenever confronted with a problem , my Japanese engineer teacher had asked me to do two things.

    So I proceeded to think logically as to what makes us what we are or where we are today?

2) Go back to BASICS.
    So I went back to basic things that we do not do/follow.

My conclusions after a lot of thinking  about possible causes , I have understood the problem as having arisen out of Social Habits.

a) Living beyond means
b) Spending beyond means
c) Doing/Buying absolutely un necessary things.
e) Lack of Saving Habit.

Is it possible to undo what we did all these years? I think it is very much possible.
Why not discuss this and try to reach a format which we can adopt to live a life without much problems?

Naga Jolokia Addict

Maybe as a country as a whole we have adopted these habits, but certainly not every individual is responsible. I won't even claim to know how we got to this point or how to get out but I do agree that a fair portion of blame belongs with both those taking out credit beyond their means and with the lenders and regardless of if you're one of those people we all have a problem on our hands.  :(


I don't think it's that easy to say "here's where we went wrong, here's the solution". It's a lot of different things that by themselves probably wouldn't be that bad, but if several million people across the world are doing (and companies are responsible too), then yeah there will be an effect.


If we introspect more, then we can .......find what we do wrong.


For those who are not yet aware, research The Federal Reserve- how it came about, how it works, who really owns it and reaps the profits- it is not Federal nor have there ever been any "reserves;" the "money" they "loan" us while charging us interest on it is created out of thin air; they never had enough gold or reserves to ever back up their "money" in the first place.  Lots of info out there.  Until we are out from under the Fed Reserve, we will never be out of debt, therefore never free.  Our country has the Constitutional Right to print our own money FREE of charge or interest instead of paying a private group of people to print it and regulate it for us and charge us a profit for themselves.  Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy both were in the process of having the US print its own money when they were each, conventiently,  shot in the head. 

"The Federal Reserve caused the 700 billion dollar bailout and economic crash" - part I , 2 min  - part II , 2 min 45 sec

"Money As Debt" - 45 minute video - Paul Grignon's  animated presentation tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created:


The financial enigma resolved:

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy"  - Part I --  52 minutes - Part II -- 51 minutes

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