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Any heirloom growers out there?


I want to start a thread about heirloom plant growers (i.e. tomato, flowers, corn, etc.).  For the last 8 years, my garden is been predominately heirlooms.  Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and lettuce are my favorites.  Well, heirloom tomatoes are more of an obsession.

Anyone else out there who grow or are interested in growing heirlooms?  Seed saving, seed trading or dishing on their favorite varieties?

All of my tomatos for two season were heirlooms :). Only one has persistantly come back and thats my yellow pear. I like that it is small and sweet but a little savory as well its been a great year around producer. Im allegic to corn and it bring ants in droves so thats a no go here lol but id love ot learn more about heirlooms. Dont know if they are heirlooms but i have several tea roses that i rescused from a garden centers dumpster :).


What are you growing this year? I packed in almost a hundred in my small garden.  The one that seems to really stand out right now is the Malinowy Olbrzym.  Its huge and seems to be flowering early.  This one is suppose to be tasty and productive.  Hope it lives up to its rep.

I planted yellow pear a few years ago.  It sill is popping up.  Not a big fan of the taste.  Too bland.


dl-bailey, I just wanted to tell you that you are just too cool. Of course you'd have heirloom veggies. Of course you're rocking pet chickens. You go!

I don't have a garden. :( I am going to try and grow some tomatoes in a pot, though. I will need much luck!


Good idea!

This is my first year growing my own garden. I have some heirloom seed heirloom beet mix, lettuce mix, hungarian hot wax peppers, Matt's wild cherry tomatoes,purple calabash tomatoes, dwarf blue curled scotch kale, quattro d'iasti giallo sweet peppers, and some kind of radish...can't remember. At least, all of them say heirloom on the seed pack. I scored tons at the annual organic conference that takes place at my school every winter :) really interested to see how they turn out!


I like Baker Creek.  The seed pop up quickly and grow into vigorous, productive plants.  Many people will tell you that heirlooms are not as disease resistant, productive and so on.  After growing both hybrids and OP/heirlooms, I don't see that big of a difference except for taste - which heirlooms win out.  As long as you have good cultural practices, your garden will give you loads of veggies.

So, whatcha growing this year?  Any tomatoes or peppers? 

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