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Is anyone else here into DIY?

I am!
some recent stuff:
these were a pair ofplain pumps i bought at a thrift store for about 3.50, and spiffed em up a bit

these i got at walmart for 7$, sharpied the outside

share your stuff!!

I feel silly asking this, but what does DIY stand for????

Do it yourself   : )


Thank you!  I still can't believe I had to ask... *hangs head*


I bought a Singer serger!  I tried finding a used one, but couldn't, and I've wanted one for about 15 years - ever since I did a lot of theater costume design in college.  I'm giddy.  And I've already been recruited to use it.  I'm going to make vests for children doing some sort of environmental protection outreach.  Yes!


I just fixed up my GENtern costume shoes, and now I'm working on my GENtern dress for the REPO! shadowcast show this weekend.
^it's gonna look something like that.

I'm actually making it out of a rather large and inexpensive skirt I found at Ross several months ago. I had to make a few buttons by gluing extra material to random buttons I had.

The shoes were maybe $10, and I modified them by adding a tagboard + duct tape toe strap, topped off with a red sharpie embellishment.
they're not exactly like the ones in the movie, but they're much MUCH cheaper than the ones most cast members are buying for this costume:

photos of my own creations coming soon.


The completed shoes, with dress-in-progress:

My finished GENtern dress!

it's got a side zipper and a velcro closure  on the back of the collar. :)


Wow, the shoes and the dress look bad-a**, carrot! ;)b 


Why, thank You.


wow yeah, that is an amazing effort! wow, well done! : )
Any more works in progress? ; )


Wow, all the DIY clothes are really awesome and very well done. Since getting into zines more I try to DIY as much as I can to deter from having to buy overly priced, mass produced conglomerate crap. I really like the idea of having something that no one else has and being able to sustain my own existence. I also like that I am not financing sweat shops or large businesses that don't give a crap about people. Mostly I have been into making my own house cleaning/ beauty supplies/ homeopathy and reusing/ refurbishing things that I already have or find. I mega suck at trying to make clothes though.  :(  They always turn out misfitting or I end up making it completely unusable as any kind of garmet. If anybody has any tips of the trade to make decent apparel I would be very much interested.



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