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artist trading cards anyone?

this is a fun thing i discovered at the craft store and then i shared it with LF. she likes to doodle and make things, so we have started looking into getting in on the action. a good site to get the idea at is

you can google for more information, but essentially artist trading cards (ATCs) are small handcrafted works of art that you make and then swap with others. they are 2.5x3.5 inches (nice and small!), use all sorts of mediums (drawing, painting, cut and paste, etc). you then swap your cards with other people and collect the cards that people make for you.

does anyone else do this or think it would be fun? maybe if there is some interest we can put some kind of swap together

I've wanted to do this for a while. I would definitely be into a swap!


I love this idea!  I also like that it's relatively inexpensive to do and mail.

eta:  I looked at the site.  If we do this, would it be anything goes or would we do it by theme?


I LOVE this idea. Now this is a swap I can participate in. I wanted to do the earth day exchange, but money has been kinda tight lately and I didn't want to send a lame package out to anyone in my efforts to be frugal. I'm definitely in for this one.


eta:  I looked at the site.  If we do this, would it be anything goes or would we do it by theme?

If I participated I'd want to go with a theme.  That way I have some direction to be creative in.  I'm not good with artsy things and being given free range.


I could get into this. I think a theme should be decided on, but also it should be that if you don't like the theme and want to go in your own direction you can.


Card Trading Guidance
making cards
mailing cards


aw, cool beans. LF and i have been making some. i bought some water color pencils and they are very fun. you can use them wet or dry to get light or deep rich colors. or washes. very fun.

what kinds of themes do people think would be fun? the site i posted has a thing called "pick a theme" where everyone picks a theme THEY want and then others in their trade group make them a special card based on their theme. so i might want pictures of houses and so everyone makes me something with a house. then i would make, for example, L2A pictures of kale and HH pictures of aging rockers. lol.

another i saw was people did cards with "cartoon" versions of different members of the forum.

if we did this, i can offer to collect/remail. i would put it in a couple months to give people time and to wait for my semester to end.

i'll try to post some of the stuff i've done. i don't have an account on the site i posted but LF does and i might make one because you can post galleries of your stuff for people to look at.


then i would make, for example, L2A pictures of kale and HH pictures of aging rockers.


Somebody want animals, because I love drawing seahorses.


I like when you can tell who did which card because each artist has her own style. I think that trying to make the cards fit what other people like would cramp our styles.


mine would be stick figures with line and squiggle flowers


So, more like a single theme?

Some of the themes I read about were:


The themes could be as specific or as open as we'd like them to be.


bp, thanks for offering to organize and resend the cards. that will definitely help me!
I vote for everyone doing whatever they feel like making.  I say hh should be able to make seahorses for everyone if that's what she likes to draw! If we all do a theme like whimsy that could be broad enough though.


I've never done this before but it sounds like fun. I may be way off but I offer these possible themes:

Nursery rhymes
Stars and constellations
Blue butterflies(a nod to Nabokov)


There are so many ways to approach each theme that I think everyone would have an opportunity to do what they like within one theme. 

For concrete things, like insects, there are a bajillion types of insects (e.g., dragonflies, ladybugs, bees, ants, rhinoceros beetles - cute!, snakeflies, preying mantis, grasshoppers, cockroaches, walking sticks, water skaters...) that can be depicted in all sorts of ways (e.g., realistic, whimsical, anthropomorphic...).

For less concrete things, it's even more wide open.


very true. on the site i'm using you can post a theme and people sign up - so there is more flexibility behind finding "what" you like to draw. the big picture is that the cards have love and care put into them.

i draw a lot of images of people. i drew mimi yesterday and think she looks odd. i'm doing a swap called SUPRISE right now - you can send in any images you want. i think this might be a good one. who knows what you will get!?


just tell me what to do and i will do it.


Did you buy atc-sized paper?  I see that you can buy it pre-sized.  Or do you cut down larger paper?  

I'm so excited about this that I'm thinking about buying some pre-sized paper and plastic sleeves so that if we only do it once I can keep doing it with other people online.

It costs $6.95 to mail a $1.97 pad of paper.


i'm just going to cut mine down. i own a paper cutter. :)


i know that the micheals and joann's around me sell the little cards. that is how i found out about them.

LF and I got some watercolor paper and I am cutting it down to size. Micheals has a line called "artist loft" or something but you can get paper and different supplies (markers, pencils, paints) for $5 a set.

i will post some more information about the swap soon but i'm thinking (along with HH) that we'll play by the rules of the ATCforall site so that way if you LOVE it you can have your feet wet. Heavier papers (no printer paper), in sleeves or bags to protect them. I'll host and for US I'll ask for return postage. international i'll cover.

I also have to figure out my adress for where i'm gonna have things mailed. gonna use my PO box :D

i should be working but wanted to post. i've been neglecting vegweb. i have to make my earthday exchange box still! i got SOME of it done. have to bake still!!


>:(  I went to Micheals AND Joann and neither had the cards.  I got a 005 pen, though, so stopping my car was worth it.



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