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Community Gardening

I am going to have at least one community garden plot this summer hopefully another one at a different location. Though at one location I can have up to 4 plots which are 15x15, it is quite tempting to have two plots at that place. I am growing things in my yard at home mainly greens, beans, peas, and cruciferous vegetables. Then at the community garden have tomato, peppers and squash but if I had one more plot I could grow melons which I love and plan on eating a good amount of this summer.

Anyone else growing on a community garden, if so what's your plot size and what/how much do you grow there?

I had a plot last year and I am sorry to say that it was a huge failure. I found it too hard to get over there every day, and even when i did go, there was no one else around!  I wanted to learn from more experienced people,  but it was like a ghost town. I had a shitty plot right next to a bunch of weeds, and it was constantly being taken over by weeds. For me it was shameful because then everyone knew how crappy of a gardener I am! :)
Some people had really great ones though! Our size was 50 by 6 or something like that. Long and skinny.
I hope you have better luck than I did. I just find it easier to garden in my own yard so I don't have to travel to pick weeds.
Keep us posted!


How far was yours away from your house. Mine will be about 3-4 miles away and I plan on biking there around every other day. If I could I would plant everything in my garden at home but I just don't want to tear up that much of the yard because the stuff I want to grow there is things that need a lot of room to grow. I guess too I need to network with like minded people.


it was about 3 miles away. not an easy bike ride because i live in the mountains. plus i have small kids, so that made it hard also.
this year I am just doing greens in my yard to keep it simple. I hope i can keep up with that!


I know, I want one too!

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