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NVR: For the knitters out there...

So, since becoming vegan, I've become felting-deprived. I used to make bags, hats, bowls, etc. out of felted wool yarn; however, I have yet to find vegan alternatives suitable for felting--are there any, or do I need to find a new knitting outlet?

Thanks!  I'm not sure if I'd get measuring on the fly right.  Not at my beginning stage.  It's cool that you learned skills, though.  Did you finish it?  Do you have a picture of the final product?

I think I've discovered my calling.  I have decided to get passionate about kerchiefs.  I have some super boring brown yarn (I like brown, just not this one) and decided to practice.  The first time I worked the pattern it came out a stich off, so I took it apart (twice) to start over, followed the directions with strict deliberation and both other times came up one stitch off, so the pattern that was supposed to develop just looks like holes/mistakes.

My goal is to get good at making both knit and crochet kerchief, in both solid and "airy" styles, like these:


That looks cool!!
my hat, well. its half a hat really, i thought about making another half, but i have no clue what i did to make it like this really, i might try that same one again, i'm working on a hot pink one now, different pattern.


I like the colors in the yarn.

Here's the head scarf I gave up on.  I stopped working on it and gerry-rigged it into a headband.  It actually work really well.

:-D So true for me.

I'm proud of my new hat so far  :)>>> I just need to decide when to start decreasing to make it hat shaped. Hmm.


If you're heading into the decrease, that means you're at least halfway done?

I started a small makeup bag.  Mostly because I need my confidence back and it's basically just different takes on knit and purl stiches.


I finished!! I'm soooo excited!! (i took a while off of doing it, i messed up somewhere and got mad at it haha)
Its the first thing that i've actually completed  ;D
I'm thinking of taking off the pom pom, idk if i like it or not. I think i'd just feel stupid wearing a hat with a pom pom in florida  ;D But at the same time, i think its cute.
The first picture shows the color of it better


keep the pom pom. it gives it zazz.
super super super cute! also (not related), i saw a picture in the little side thing for some cookies and it was you with the cookie and you had yellow hair. i liked it.

how easy was the hat? i can only knit square or rectangle things, like scarves or purses or potholders. did you use the pattern that hh posted or a different one? i don't wear hats, but eee it's so cute!


Ahh, i LOVED my hair yellow!! Stupid school yelled at me though  :-[ Oh well.

Thanks  :)
It was actually pretty easy. I didnt really use one set pattern, just looked at a few different ones and went for it. Its just knitting, purling (well duh, thats all there is), and decreasing (or increasing depending where you start) Which is simplee. It just gets tedious or annoying if you have a short fuse or attention span. I learned that  ::)
I think, i cast on 82 stiches (which was actually a tad loose for my head but it fits so its all good, next time i'd try 75ish? mabye a little less, i should just measure my gauge and head and figure it out ::)) Ribbed for an inch (and messed up on that but it still looked cool), then knit/purl for a few inches, and start decreasing in incriments. (hahah, that sounded crazy to me when i started, and now everything makes senseee. yayyy)


Hell yeah!  I love the border on the hat.  I bought three one-pound skeins of acrylic yarn today to practice on before I buy the expensive yarn.  The last time I tried increases and decreases it didn't work and I ended up with that funky head band.  Your frackin awesome hat inspires me.  And I love the pom pom.


I want to practice adding yarn colors, knitting with double pointed needles, and two yarn colors, so I'm going to make this cup cozy as soon as I get larger double pointed needles.  Hopefully tomorrow.  However, I only have a few colors of practice yarn, so the skull and crossbones will be in badass lavender.

My small "makeup bag" should be done today.


so the skull and crossbones will be in badass lavender.



Thanks  HH! I want to start things like that too! Couldnt find any double points today (just a quick walmart run) But i  did get bigger needles to mess around with that idea.


Sarah I love your hat....definitely keep the pompom, it makes the hat!  Yay.


After I make Sarah's hat, I am making these from knitty:

To wear around the house and such.  I'm excited.  Cably projects are my favorite.


Those are awesome. Can you link me to them? I searched Knitty but couldn't find them on there....I might whip those up after I finish this sweater. I'm almost done...



Sweet, HH. Thanks, I don't read whole threads....






I only have 000, 00, 0 & 1 dpns, so I decided to make the cozy on straight needles and sew it up.  I think I know what went wrong, but I'd like confirmation.  Instead of knitting all of the rows, I alternated between knitting and purling, but I didn't reverse the pattern, so if I was supposed to while knitting, should have I while purling for the pattern to work?


Reversing the pattern on the purl stitches did it.


Aweee, i love it! I want to try something with 2 colors!


VS, I loove that sweater! Especially  in a bold color like that! What color(s) did you knit yours with?



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