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NVR: For the knitters out there...

So, since becoming vegan, I've become felting-deprived. I used to make bags, hats, bowls, etc. out of felted wool yarn; however, I have yet to find vegan alternatives suitable for felting--are there any, or do I need to find a new knitting outlet?

I'm going kayaking tomorrow, so I'll be close to my friend to drop off the baby sweater.  I stayed up late to finish it.  There are a couple of wonky things about it, like the back collar.  The finishing directions were vague.  But it's done.  I'll take a picture of it in the morning.


I got a REALLY bad haircut....
and luckily a few days before I had stopped at this little woman's house. Her name is Lavender and her 2 front rooms are FILLED with things that she made...knitted blankets, hats, socks, quilts, patch work teddy bears....literally, hundreds and hundreds of things-it was awesome. She is almost 90 and has been in a wheel chair for over 30 years.

ANYWAY< the reason for my post is that I bought a lovely brown knitted hat and it hides my ugly haircut perfectly!  :)>>>


HH, you are hardcore!  Way to go!

VS and HH and anyone else - do you use vegan yarn for your sweaters?  If so, what type?  I am still feeling my way around non-vegan yarn for larger projects where the feel and stiffness of the yarn are super important.  Obviously I don't want to make a sweater out of kitchen cotton or scratchy acrylic. 

I really wish wool wasn't so gorgeous.  :'(  I love to knit laceweight (shawls, etc) but I have never seen anything but wool for this.  I guess I should do some research on vegan knitting.

eta:  Fake Sheep Blog!


I envy Lavender.  It was hard enough to finish the sweater, much less have a room full of things.  How bad is bad?

I use cotton yarn.  I see hemp yarn, but it's usually mixed with something non-vegan.  For the sweater I used non-organic, but there's a shop near me that sells organic cotton.  It's all smaller diameter, though.  It'd be nice to find something larger.  I avoid acrylic because I don't like the feel of it. 

In reality, I bought about 50 balls of Sugar 'N Cream yarn (every time I went to the store I got more yarn and it was on sale for almost a month *sigh*), so I'm going to fit projects to that yarn until I've used some of it up.

It's finally done.

It's of a gender normative color because there wasn't much to choose from in terms of yarn color:  pretty much neon green, cream, bright pink, or blue.)

The arms are of even lengths - it just doesn't look like it in this picture.

This is the lazy cheat basketweave I did to avoid doing the cable pattern again.

button detail


That is so freaking cute, hh.  :ok!:


Its so cute HH!!! You did such a great job on it!


Good show, HH! That baby sweater is gorgeous! I love the front cable pattern so so much. It doesn't look wonky at all (btw, I love the word wonky). You should definitely hive-five yourself or something.

As for the yarn frustrating. I usually use vegan yarn which basically = crappy acrylic. I just don't like knitting with cotton yarn very much and all of the blends have animal fur/wool. I did break down and use a blend for my most recent sweater. Its 80% acrylic/ was impossible to find a vegan super-bulky weight yarn...

My latest awesome find is a bamboo/acrylic blend from Naturally Caron. I got it at JoAnn's I think...I want to make the Habernero Sweater by Stephanie Japel. Of course, I think this yarn is too lightweight and my gauge is Think I could just make it a size up?


Thanks vs.  I love what you've shared with us, so I'm especially pleased with the complement. 

I knit a size up for the sweater.  Since I'm using cotton, it's kind of thin and not all that stretchy.  For the baby sweater, my swatch was small on 6s, so I tried it on 7s, but I didn't like the look of the knit on the larger needles, so I knit my 0-3 month sweater using the 3-6 month directions for the width and the 0-3 month directions for the length.  It worked out.


HH  :)>>>

I was just staring at the swatch I had made for the seems correct length-wise, but not width-wise. It is a 1/2" too short, which is a lot when considering the width of the whole garment. (the swatch should of been 4" wide, but mine is only 3.5") I have the same problem as you had at first. I could go up in needle size...but since the yarn is already so thin, I think it would make the cable pattern look all *wonky* and hole-y. hmmm....I really love this design and want to be able to wear it, so I kind of worry about going to the larger pattern size as well...I don't want it to end up being a really loose "blob" sweater....frustrations...

Plus, I am questioning the my color choice. I'm starting to think peach would work. I see a trip to the yarn store in my future!


So, about 2 hours into the 7 hour drive up to Tally, we stopped at a Walmart, and i bought some bright yellow yarn and needles to entertain me. Have a hat almost done. just got too dark on the ride back tody.
im tired and cant type well now, so sleep time, when i finish i'll put pix up.


knitting?! is there no love for crochet?

and knit hats? that's crochet turf right there.


I bought crochet needles, I just haven't kicked the tires yet.  I want to make crocheted head kerchiefs.


Viola! Hat numero dos
I'm gona try to find stuff to spice it up with, ribbon or something idk. whatever strikes me next time i go looking for things.


I like the color!  Is that goldenrod?


Its actually an insane bright yellow like this


My first knitting in the round didn't go so well - probably because I was using size 1 dpns.  On size 6 dpns I was able to make something. 

I practiced by making a baby hat for my co-worker's any-day-now baby.  I found a striped pattern, but decided to make it into solids, with a pink cable band.  It was easy to alter.  I only needed how many stitches to cast on and when to start reducing.  Otherwise, I did what I wanted (which was to change the whole design).

There are too many rows of pink on the top.

And I might have reversed some of my cable stitches because two top cable parts are without shape.

I would have gone back and fixed it, because it bothers me, but my co-worker supports Prop 8, so I didn't bother.


Cute hat, underSarah! Brights look good on you!

HH, cute hat as well. This cracked me up... ;D

I would have gone back and fixed it, because it bothers me, but my co-worker supports Prop 8, so I didn't bother.



Stop corrupting my innocent little baby hat!!!  :P


Though corrupted, its still an amazingly cute hat  ;)b
And i saw that too fb



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