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NVR: For the knitters out there...

So, since becoming vegan, I've become felting-deprived. I used to make bags, hats, bowls, etc. out of felted wool yarn; however, I have yet to find vegan alternatives suitable for felting--are there any, or do I need to find a new knitting outlet?

fb, that is seriously one of the cutest things i've ever seen.
I loveee himmm! Kickass job on him!!


ok, so I'm seriously bumping this thread, but I wanted to chat with someone about it...

I decided I wanted to start a hobby and Andy suggested crocheting - his mom does it and I think that's the only thing he could think of at the I agreed and went to Michael's to get a "starter kit"

but now I'm wondering if knitting is easier to learn....
I'm having a lot of issues learning the different types of stitches...I think I make my rows way too tight, but I can't do it loose....
and it might be this crappy yarn I have....I've had it for years and I'm pretty sure its the cheapest I could get....
any advice?  should I try knitting first?


I learned how to knit first, but I like crocheting because a crochet hook is more convenient to carry around.

Mike is an awesome crochet teacher.


thanks hh - I'll watch it when I get home!


I've been buying lots of knitting stuff since its been on sale at work.
I got a case of 4 different sized knitting needles for a dollar. And 3 skiens of decent yarn for 2 dollars. And 2 skiens of sugar and cream or whatever, in bright orange and bright blue for a dollar each. andd this nifty tube knitter device thing for a dollar that I have yet to figure out.

I haven't made anything with any of it. I just think its all cool, hopefully when classes are done I'll have some ideas and motivation.


Nooo way crochet is easier (ok, I'm just saying that because I crochet and suck at knitting). I learned from a kid's kit initially, and years later it turned out I was doing some stitches wrong; I figured out the right way from The Happy Hooker.
also, crochet works up faster, so it's better for us impatient people.



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