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Organic Farm looking for experienced gardener

I just KNOW that somebody here would love to do this, or would know of someone who would....

(Facebook event)

James' family is currently looking for a well experienced organic gardener to come join us here at the Sizemore farm, located outside of Moreland, Georgia. We have 2 large fields that are begging to be cultivated by a master greenthumb.

This is the deal: Gardener gets a comfortable place to live with free utilities and access to our grounds. This means you would be welcome anywhere on our 50 acres. That includes our pottery studio, workshop space, hot tub, blueberry orchard, pond, trails, and the rest of the woods. You can also eat whatever you grow of course. We don't have any money to pay you with. But we feel the previously mentioned benefits are enough to keep you pretty needless of money.
So to sum it all up, you would be working full time cultivating and maintaining a large and plentiful organic garden while living freely on our magical land and surrounded by creative energy. If this sounds like something you can handle, get in touch with me. The living quarters won't be finished until next year probably, so there's time to think about it.

PLEASE pass this along to anybody You know who might be interested......any kick-ass, trustworthy gardeners/horticulture nerds looking for some great experience...

That sounds so great!  Wish I could come do it:)  I'm starting my own fruit and veggie "farm" soon here in KS though. It sounds like  whoever you find is going to have a wonderful time!

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