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5 days into my new Vegan lifestyle - Hello from SoCal!!!

Hi everyone!

So glad I stumbled on this website!  I just started my new vegan lifestyle 5 days ago. So far so good, and I feel amazing. I even fed my family 2 vegan dinners last week and they loved them.  Slowly converting them as well!!!

Hoping to learn some new things here, and meet others that share the vegan lifestyle. 

Glad to meet you all!


Welcome to the site, and congratulations in adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle! I'm also from SoCal, and we're lucky to have some great vegan restaurants around here, for when you don't feel like cooking.


Sounds awesome!  Congrats!


Hi, Amy.

Kudos to you for trying to convert the family!  I myself haven't had much luck with it, but dammit, I refuse to give up. Welcome. 


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