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Aloha!! VegWeb newbie here :)

So, I recently decided to go back to being a vegetarian. Woo! :) A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend, myself, and our vegan friend got into a debate. Our vegan friend and I practically ganged up on my poor boyfriend arguing about the atrocities of the modern day agricultural industry. I had been a herbivore for two years some time ago but started eating meat again after getting sick due to poor nutrition. After, that argument resonated with me. Not because of my boyfriend's reluctancy of seeing how awful that industry is- he knows full well and agrees but "loves steaks too much"- but how passionately I felt and yet, was doing nothing about it.

So, I decided now is the time to put my money where my mouth is (again), haha. It's been about a week now and already I feel so much more energized. By making these vegan dishes, not only does my body feel better, but (excuse the cheesiness here!) so does my heart. After talking with my boyfriend about my decision, he said he supports me fully and that he'll be more than happy to eat whatever kind of concotions I come up with but he is going to continue to eat meat. To me, the choice to go vegan or vegetarian is personal and I don't blame him at all. Hopefully he'll see the bright side after a while. ;)

 So, I'm taking a completely different approach to vegetarianism this time. Instead of before, where I ate like an average Canadian but just refrained from meat, I'm looking at recipes from all different cultures and as well, some vegan alternatives to my favourite dishes :)

I'd like to say thanks to the VegWeb community for all the wonderful recipes on here. They have been delicious and invigorating my kitchen!

And yeah... Hello, everyone! :) 

p.s. Anyone else have a similar situation as mine? As in, your partner eats meat but you yourself are vegan or vegetarian? Any tips for meal-times would be much appreciated! :D

Well I dated this one guy who would mock (and not playfully either) my vegetarianism all the time. We ended up not working out.
But my most recent boyfriend and I would cook our meals together. It was a lot of fun making up dishes with him. He ate meat and I was a vegan so we would make dishes vegan and then (if he wanted meat in his portion) he would seperatly cook some meat and put it on his plate. 
I honestly think this is the best option. (sadly we didnt work out either! lol)

But congrates on going meat-less again! I hope things work out for you and your bf!

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