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hi folks,

long time no post...i haven't been online in months after trying to wrap my head around my mom, a dear friend, and my dog all getting cancer at the same time, right after we made an international move from europe to the usa.

after seeing so many loved ones get cancer, i'm convinced that going vegan was the best decision that i could've made for my body's health. in other fab news, my husband has decided to go vegan!!!  :)>>>

we've now been in texas a year. as much as i miss europe, i am glad to have moved and been close to my mom while she got cancer treatment at md anderson in houston where my sister lives. thankfully, she is now cancer free. just waiting to hear the same news for my friend who got breast cancer...

cheer, janel

Welcome back.  I'm sorry to hear about your loved ones, and happy to hear about your husband.


Welcome back!! I hope all is well with your friend.


Welcome to the South!

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