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Beginner Vegetarian! :)

So hi from Kildare, Ireland! 

Been thinking about going vegetarian for a while and cut down on my meat and whatnot. Finally going the distance and starting an actual vegetarian diet. After that hopefully I'll manage to get strict and go vegan. Decided not to be naive and try that off the bat.

So yeah, this seemed like a cool place to find some recipes and see how others have managed. Also any tips and advice are always appreciated. :D

Don't know what else to say so I shall leave it at that!

Slán. xxxx









Welcome! You'll find lots of support in the forums, and great recipes on the site! Seriously, just explore, an entire delicious world of veganism is here for you to explore!!


There is definitely so many great recipes on the site here. So many that you cannot list them all here. Such do a search on them and they are here.

Paper Shredding

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