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Brand new to the forum! :D

I'm not used to talking on forums, so this post will be brief. I have been vegan for over 3 years, and I have most certainly enjoyed every minute of it. I live in a city in Ontario that is not entirely vegan friendly, which makes it difficult for me. I don't let it affect to much though, :D! I hope I meet some good friends here that will share their thoughts, recipes, stories, and anything else that would be good to talk about.


That's all for now.

Welcome, VeganValentine! Please enjoy VegWeb and feel free to hop into the forums and make some awesome new vegan friends!!


As a first post for me, that didn't go over too well. There are 4.4k views and only 1 reply. Don't be shy folks, speak up. Say, "Hello" or "Welcome", or both. Lets give a little bit more welcome. PS: I hope I don't get trolled for this comment.



Hey, welcome VeganValentine!  This forum has been very slow for quite some time which is sad.  It used to be quite active.  Maybe everyone's over checking out the recipe side of things lol.   At any rate I am glad to see a new face here.  Please do join in the discussions on board.  And don't feel bad.  I have made numerous replies on here of recent and no response anywhere, except one person I have been talking to offboard.  You aren't alone!  BTW, how is the weather in Ontario?  It's getting colder in Minnesota.



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