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Bye bye omni, hello Vegan!!!

Hello! I'm Sea (see ahhhh)  New to the veg boards, new to being a vegan!

I'm so happy I'm making the decision to go vegan. I was vegetarian for a few months from oct-dec. Didn't stay that way, now that someone gave me this site to look at i think it's gonna stick. After watching that "Meet your Meat" video i'm going 100% vegan.

Anway, just figured i'd say hi and introduce myself

My name is Sea. I'm 15 almost sixteen! I'm on my way to being vegan. 

I loovee animals. I have a cat and a dog. My cat's my little love, her name is Annabelle. (see profile picture) My dog's name is Snooks. (she's mostly my mom's though)



Welcome, Sea! How's your quest to go vegan going? Are your parents supportive? Good luck!

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