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Collegiate Athlete - New Vegan!


I've just decided to begin a plant-based diet! I'm pretty excited to be going vegan. Today was my first day and I must say I didn't realize how many foods were off limit. I had to drop a few bucks at the grocery store just so I could survive the week until I get a hang of this!

At first I was a little concerned about veganism because I'm a dual athlete, playing soccer and track and field at a university in North Carolina. But after reading about the protien and calcium myths, I'm not that concerned anymore. I've tried being vegetarian when I was much younger, and my parents think it's hilarious that I'm going vegan. It's really hard to change 20 years of American-style diet to something completely new! So any support or encouragement would be great from you guys. 

Questions: Any chain grocery stores (Publix, Sweetbay, etc) that sells a good amount of vegan foods? What are your favorite vegan brands that taste delicious? Any coupons out there? Any other vegan athletes out there that want to share your experience? 

Thanks all! Can't wait to connect.


Hi! Welcome!! Check out our "Lean, Mean Vegan Machine" forums if you want to talk sports and nutrition! There are so many amazing vegan athletes out there, welcome to their awesome ranks!

And yes, most grocery stores have tons of vegan selections now, just get in there and explore. I found Gardein in the frozen section of Von's yesterday!


Ciao Coco !

Congratulations on your decision to go vegan ! I think you will not regret your choice . I work at a natural foods store , so I don't shop at the big chain stores . One good source is . They have pretty much everything , and free shipping over fifty dollars . I prefer to buy local , and organic , so I would recommend you find out where your local Farmer's Markets are at , and get to them , and get to know your farmers !  Another recommendation I would make , is to choose whole foods over processed , packaged ones .  Healthier for everyone , you , me , and the rest of the planet . As far as brands go , I have found the Daiya jack wedge to be the best vegan cheese , and the Galaxy paremsan , just make sure you get the vegan , as they make a rice version that contains casein , a milk derivative . Don't make the mistake of basing your diet on soy , and if you do use soy , try and stick with feremented versions like tempeh and miso ( the South River three year is my fave ! ) ...did you know that regular consumption of miso has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to twenty percent ? And it is yummy !  A good blender will be one of your best friends , if you can afford a Vitamix , go for it . If not , you can get by with a cheaper version . You can get a Nutra Bullet for not much more than a hundred bucks , less if you get a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon . Then you can make smoothies to take with you . So much to learn about it . I think that is the main thing I appreciate about the lifestyle , you think about what you eat . You know what is in what you put in your body every day . You are what you eat , right ? I like knowing what I am , personally . Well, time for me to get in the kitchen here , working on a vegan eggplant parmesan pizza ! Good luck , and feel free to ask me anything . Ciao !!

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