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Exploring Veganism

I'm not a vegan or even a vegetarian... but I am considering it. Working in baby steps, phasing out a few things at a time. I like it because it would be healthier for me and for the planet. The biggest difficulty to me is learning a new staple set of recipes; how to know what to subtitute for what; and keeping it financially cheap. One of my friends suggested this site to help with learning new things to cook and how to make the transition. It also helps that I have a handful of friends who are vegan that I can go to for advice. And they are also part of why I am interested. Becuase I like making dinner parties and snacks when friends come over - and I love my friends and don't want to disclude any of them if I can. So here I am hoping to learn some new thigns and make some online friends. :)

fr most ingredients,there's alternatives to them now than there was years ago.they have substitutes for mayo,sour cream,cheese,milk,meat,eggs depending on what you're gonna be cooking.but you have to be sure you get supplements for vitamin B12,either in vitamin form(pill,chewable,dissolvable,etc...) or from fortified foods and nutritional yeast.I'm newly vegan so I'm still getting used to it.there's a lot of good recipes on this site to try.


Hello, one big thing is the cooking. Its extremely different. Once you get it though it's awesome! One suggestion is not quite telling your guests its vegan untill they have eatten it! For some weird reason, or maybe its just my friends and family, people get soo detoured when I tell them it's vegan before they eat. I made awesome cookies with my bro and friend from my new 101 of the best vegan burgers on the planet book for Christmas. Out of the 20 people here only 5 were not phased when I said they were vegan. Everyone else actively stayed away and went for box! EHHH!

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