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Finally vegan!!

I've been plucking recipes off this site for a few years because many of the dishes are so tasty regardless if they are vegetarian/vegan, they are yummy.  And in all that time cooking, I certainly never thought I make the transition from omnivore to vegan--actually I think I was quoted as saying, "I'd never be a vegan," on more than one occasion.

But that's completely changed and this weight has been removed from heart.  As I've been diving into the world of veganism I've noticed that it's more common to transition from being a vegetarian to vegan--now I was naive and believed a one point that vegetarians were vegans—eating completely plant-based diets.  Later I learned about ovo-lacto vegetarians, the fish eaters, etc. and discovered that being vegan was another distinction.  Personally, I felt that if I were going to stop eating animal flesh, it would also include eggs and dairy because they come from animal flesh and it would be hard to distinguish one from the other.  And it was that feeling that has kept me from considering being a vegetarian initially, although, I'm vegan because I don't want to take part in practices that go against core beliefs.  But maybe I'm extreme, I'm not sure but I was just curious to see if there were others who became vegan from meat-eater--just like that. I'll admit I did not have a very vegan house, but eventually my overconsumption will be a thing of the past...

Hi theartsyone, I am in the same boat (kind of) I have just recently became "vegan", cold turkey (excuse the expression?). Previously I was a voracious animal product consumer, and actually used to write under 'special dietary requirements' when I went to events in highschool 'carnivour' (although no one ever respected that, and I always ended up with non-animal foods as well).

Are you only changing your diet to match the vegan lifestyle, or are you going 'all the way' and not using animal products at all? (ex. wearing wool/silk, etc.?)


I didn't start feeling comfortable calling myself vegan, until I gave up not only consuming animal products but using them or wearing them--prior to thar I just referred to myself as "eating a plant-based diet."  And still, that was done directly from formerly consuming flesh.  But I was surprised at how much of my clothing was already vegan, with the exception of a coat, two pair of boots and a wallet, I didn't wear other animal products. Unfortunately it's alot of cheaply made stuff made under poor conditions but the focus now is just to consume less.  As far as lotions, chapstick, toothpaste, make-up...that has been a work in progress. It's not only decoding animal ingredients, it determining if the company is cruelty free--it's been daunting but I figure it took alot of years to consume all this stuff so it will likely take several more years to be free of it.

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