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Forced to try going Vegan due to disease

So, ive been sick for over twenty years with severe allergic reactions.  All my test results came out negative.  So i eventually started video taping my attacks and found a direct corolation with my menses.  Over six montsh ago immunodermatologist did an intradermal test on me with progesterone.  Turns out, Im allergic to hormones.  WTF!! 

Currently been put into menopause but still notice residual swelling, wondering if it could me meat/dairy related.  Im eating organic meat right now, but i still think that the natural hormones found in meat and dairy could be causing issue. 

Startign to do research about going vegan, but I know it will be hard for me since my family (son and boyfriend) will still be eating meat and since im in charge of cooking, Im gonna have to cook two meals. 

Anyone else have to do this??  Thinking of starting off slow, maybe make half of my meals vegan.  Vegan dishes that can be frozen would be great for me.  I love cooking in advance.

Hey! Sorry to hear about your severe allergies, that sounds awful!

But! Welcome to delicious vegan cooking! There are so many recipes that will satisfy you and your family. I'd just start experimenting. Some ideas I can think of right off the bat is cook the same base for all of your meals and throw some meat in at the end for your family and some tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, vegan meats, whatever you find delicious and satisfying for you!

Also, try cooking some hearty vegan meals where nobody will miss the meat -- check our our lasagnas, chili (using vegan ground beef, they totally won't taste the difference!), and dinner pies (especially the meat lover husband's favorite shepherd's pie recipe!)

Finally, maybe your husband could take on some of his own cooking, or get him involved in your cooking, so that you can learn new meals and tastes together. It's always more fun when it's a group effort. 

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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