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Hello all...

Hello all. I'm new to the vegan stuff as my girlfriend recently changed from vegetarian to vegan.  I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year now.  I've been to vegweb a few time looking for new recipes to help her change over easier.

Hello and Welcome.  You'll find lots of really great recipes on here.


Hi! glad to meetcha! Enjoy VW-- there are so many good recipes here, it makes me hungry just thinking about it! Going from vegetarian to egg-free/ dairy-free, the things I was most worried about were cheese and baking (eggs)... the cashew cheez/ nooch sauce recipes here on VW saved my (vegan!) biscuits, and the eggless binder powder at ( plus potato angels ( and various tofu scrambles took care of the rest... happy cooking, and welcome!



All the best!


Welcome plbarrett! Very cool that you and your girlfriend are vegans together and nice of you to come on here and look for recipes for her. Hope you enjoy the forum. 

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