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HELLO- I'm a new member and LOVING this site!

So HAPPY to find this site! HELLO EVERYONE!

I’m a newly Vegan that has allergies to soy and gluten- It’s challenging to find protein items- therefore, I’m making most of my meals by scratch!!! Any ideas would be helpful!!! 


Thank you Vegan Friends!!!

Yay! Welcome!!

Soy and gluten-free vegans have tons of great and easy stuff to make! I suggest learning a handful of fast and tasty meals and then making large batches, so you have them to eat throughout the week. I do the bulk of my cooking on Sunday and freeze meals for the week. It's a fun project, I love taking 1/4 of a day to cook big batches of beans, rice, sauces, whatever. It's very satisfying!

If you're looking for more grab and go snacks, there are lots of great soy and gluten-free vegan treats -- just start exploring the site and the forums and you'll find an abundance of suggestions! 

Welcome again, you're gonna fit in great here!!

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