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Hello VegWeb

Hello everyone,

My name is Matt (you can of course call me by my handle MWallcraft as it's likely more easy for you to remember!). As the forums suggested I decided to 'introduce myself'. I am a 26 year old male. I work as an 'accounting student' (which means that I am an accountant, but still working on my designation and license so they pay me significantly less!), and live in a relatively small community in southern Manitoba (that's in Canada, the cold place north of most of you probably).

My girlfriend ( I suppose I can call her wife at this point?) and I have just recently gone 'mostly vegan'. We no longer eat meat or dairy, however still wear clothes made of wool/silk, still eat products that have minimal animal products in them (such as refined white sugar, etc.)

If there's anything else you are curious about, please feel free to ask, and if you are in the generous mood, I wouldn't say no to some suggestions of "quick and easy" meal ideas that are vegan and nutritious (please no difficult to find ingrediants, as it's a small community we don't have the greatest selection of vegan friendly products, although do have access to soy cheese/milk, fake soy based meats, and a fairly well stocked produce section).

Hi! Welcome! Congrats on your decisions for a happy healthy future with your girlfriend!

As far as quick and easy (and delicious!) goes, here's some of my favorites:

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