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Help me WOW my non-vegan boyfriend!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post here, however, I've been browsing VegWeb for years. I am an on again/off again vegan, however, my boyfriend is not. I have been trying to get him to eat vegan with me for yearsss but no success (he is a farm kid, and loves his meat). Recently, we watched a documentary called "Vegucated" (I'm you've all seen it!) and it had a very profound impact on him.. he has agreed to start eating vegan a few nights a week!

My question to you is: What are some of the BEST recipes for transitioning vegans/meat lovers? I really don't want to feed him something he hates and have him never eat vegan again... who knows, maybe this could be a permanent change!

Thanks y'allll :)

OK, this is a fun challenge, I love cooking for meat lovers! 

Some of my favorites are: 

loaded pizzas with tons of field roast sausage and daiya cheese... here's some good pizza recipes, too! and it's a fun thing to do together:

Cheesy Lasagna!

Chili filled with beans and vegan ground beef, spaghetti with meatlessballs, huge stirfries with tons of veggies and tofu/tempeh/seitain!

Whatever his favorite comfort meal is, veganize it! It's easy to do, I'm sure there are similar recipes on VegWeb, just search!

Whatever you do, stay away from "rabbit food" -- you're not going to win him over with salad!

So much good luck, and let us know how it goes!!


Oh, and cake and cookies! Check out the highly rated recipes on VegWeb, there are sooooo many good ones, he'll never know the difference!


My boyfriend is a meat eater and he won't be vegan because he says "i've just been raised to eat meat and that's how I'm used to" lmao i saw ladies in their 30s change to become vegetarians because animals affected them.

Anyways he LOVESS mac n' cheese. And he's more than willing to try vegan mac n' cheese and anything else i have to try. I think I've actually been able to get him to go vegan, if i let him go to burger king once a week. XD It's a start...better than me cooking 2 dinners.


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Check out the highly rated recipes on VegWeb,


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My advice is just make sure you eat in front of him.

If he says no thanks if you offer him something say ,"More for me".

Also look at what he eats and you make the vegan version with a twist to it but don't offer any to him although tell him about it.

Let him come to you. Let it peak his curiosity. No one can resist good food.

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