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im pretty new, im not vegan, just vegitarian, im 11, wondering if you had ideas of how to become vegan, or how to ask my parents, my dad dosent like that im vegitarian.

Since you are still pretty young, it may be take a little more convincing than if you were a little older, but that doesn't mean it's impossible! Just tell your parents that this is something at is important to you, and maybe ask for a vegan cookbook for your birthday or something. Then, you could use that cookbook to get in some more family time, and cook some vegan meals together. Who knows, they might even like some of them! 

The most important thing to emphasize is why this is something that you want to do, and why it is important to you. You're going to need to come up with solid reasons for making this change. Tell them that you know you are still young, but sooner rather than later, you will be making your own decisions, and you want to them respect that. 

Good luck!


thank you soooo much!!!


fawn889900 remember that you are doing great! It is hard as kids (younger adults) to be allowed to have their own voice in a world were it could never be heard. But you are doing great! Just because your dad doesnt agree with you does not mean anything, maybe he doesnt understand, maybe he thinks its weird...Maybe you should take time to explain it to him. This is how voices can be heard and people can change the world. you are on the right path. I know it is hard, but keep it up and you would look back on this one day and remember how you could stand up for your beliefs. Because believe me it gets harder as you get older :)


thank you soooooo much, irene2!!!

im as vegan as possible, when i moove out ill be all vegan, ive been vegan for about 2 days, its been eiser than ithought!!!

agian thank you!!!


Dear Faun,

Tell your parents you love them, and because you love them, ask them to watch this video.

Then tell them that you want them to live a long time, and you want them to, if not become vegan, at least try to eat a little healthier! Good luck. 

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