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How do you deal with it?

Hello! Total Newbie here!

So, a little bit about myself. I went vegetarian several years ago for Lent. I had a very good friend who was vegetarian. She encouraged me, and helped me learn how to make healthy vegetarian food. My blood pressure at the time was borderline high, but after Lent it was well below normal, and I felt good, but my husband didn't like not having meat, so I went back to being an omnivore after Lent.

Now to present time: I'm having issues with my blood pressure again, only this time, it's not borderline: it's high. I have decided that meat isn't worth having a heart attack over (it doesn't even taste that good!), and have decided to become vegetarian again (possibly eventually vegan, but I'm going to take things one step at a time.) It's been a week and I'm already feeling much better. 

The problem: My family loves me, but they are openly hostile to the idea of me being vegetarian. Like, my mother bringing home dinner and getting me a Big Mac, and my husband cooking three dishes for dinner and putting meat in every single dish. This from the man that usually makes at least one meat-free dish when he cooks. I realise that I am going to have to do my own cooking all the time (even though both of them will happily eat vegetarian meals as long as diet isn't mentioned) and I'm down with that.

Most/all of the people on this forum have had to deal with people feeling threatened by the choice they made to go veggie, and I am hoping to get some good ideas on how to deal (and even what not to do) with my family, because going back to meat is not an option, and I really don't want to turn this into a war. So, what would you do? What have you done?

tl;dr: I've become a vegetarian and my family is hostile. What would you do?

I too am the only one in my house that is Vegan. I was vegetarian for a while but my cholesteral was still really high and just like you I knew that meat was not the only thing making me sick. I have been vegan for almost two weeks. The way I got my husband and two teenagers to be supportive was to explain to them that I wanted to be healthy and not die of a heart attack or stroke at a young age. I asked them if they would rather me eat just like they do and possibly not make it to my old age or live a vegan lifestyle and enjoy being with them for a long time. After explaining to them they are supportive as long as I cook my food and allow them to cook what they want. The funny thing is all of them are cutting on their meat intake. It might take time to get them to understand but it will happen. Laughing


It doesn't sound like it like they are being hostile if they agreed to cut their meat intake.



I know what you mean Truzibon...I will battle this alittle with the in laws on Sunday. They are having a brunch feast and they know about my veganism. However instead of my hubby wanting to ask them to make me something I told him I would eat before hand and then bring my own food. Unlike you my hubby is totally supportive of me and will eat my meals when we have dinner. In your situation maybe you could say thank graceful and then trash it. Also maybe say no thanks I have eaten and keep a stash of nuts in your purse...It will take time...but always remind them that you are doing this for your health!!! there should never be a better reason then that!

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