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I really need some help.

Okay, so my name's Jordyn. And I'm wanting to go vegan or even vegetarian. It hasn't popped into my mind that I want to become vegan/vegetarian until a couple days ago.

But I was wondering, Is it going to be hard to change the way I eat? Since I've been eating meat and stuff like that all my life. 

What are some suggestions for new vegans?

Hi Jordan! Welcome to VegWeb!

That's rad that you're trying to eat more veggie food. My biggest tip is just to replace the meat you're eating with vegan proteins. For example, make chili with beans and veggie ground beef or TVP (or eveb just a couple types of beans!) and you can substitute tofu, tempeh or seitan for meat in stir-fries and pasta dishes. Lots of places carry vegan meats now -- even Target! Just replacing them will be so easy at first -- and then as you get more secure, you can check out all the delicious recipes on VegWeb to really get going!

Oh, and read up on being vegan -- our Vegan 101 section will be a HUGE help! It has all the info you need to really get started. Good luck!!

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