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I was vegetarian, got pregnant, ate meat for the baby, now im trying to get back to vegetarian

I was a vegetarian for several years, I got pregnant and my obgyn told me that meat has a lot of nutrition my baby would need to be healthy so I choked down real meat to help my baby grow, I had my baby and tried to go back to being a vegetarian but meat just always seemed to be right at my finger tips and so much easier than my usual vegetarian cooking style, so I ended up procrastinating until I got pregnant again ( both are from the same dad and we have been married since shortly after my first childs birth ) I felt so bad because I was eating so much meat, my baby seemed to demand it all the time, I tried to eat a lot of veggies but my stomach would start to hurt and I couldnt, I tried meat substitutes but the same thing happened I would just end up throwing it back up, so meat was basically all I ate all the time, now that I had my baby, ( and got mirena ) I am wanting to go back to being a vegetarian but for some reason it is proving to be very difficult, my husband and kids all love meat, my husband has seen all of the videos and he says " oh well its the way of life " so i dont see him vegging out with me, he is not very good at being supportive of my choice either, he tells me that it is retarded and stupid etc.......Which is why I am here.....I know my mom will support me but she is not always available for support that I need to keep me on course, is there anyone here that is a vegetarian or vegan that would be able to be my support team? I dont care who you are, what you look like, color of your skin, long as you and I get along.

hello i understand that you said you were a vegetarian before you got pregnant the first time; now you that your says your choice is stupid dumb ect.  ask him this question how is it you now say my choice is stupid and dumb but before i got pregnant with our first  child you knew what my choice was and you didn't say it was so dumb and stupid then so why are you saying that now my choice is dumb and stupid? if you knew that was my choice before i got preganant with our first child; and  you thought it was so dumb and stupid why didn't you say something about then before i got pregnant with our first child? don't hand me the old i didn't want hurt your feellings then bs.


hello i am a vegan i just want  you to know that you could have stayed a vegetarian while you were  pregnant and still get all the same nutrition your baby would need to be healthy. my friend next door is a vegetarian she didn't stop becoming a vegetarian when she got pregnant she had a healthy baby boy. he is now 3yrs old and doing just fine.  their are a lot of people who are vegans and vegetarians who give birth to happy healthy babies. your doctor told you that for one or more reasons. first of all she may be a meat eater and tried(andsucceeded) to get you go against what thought was right for you. second of all  some people think that you have to eat meat or there is something is wrong with you NOT!!!!!  third some people just don't understand the real true concepts of healthy eating because they grew up eatting unhealthy foods and that's all they know. fourth some people are afraid of change and they are stuck in the past. lastly some people just don't give a damn!!!! you can go to for answers on how to eat right when you are pregnant as a vegetarian or vegan.


i now wonder if your husband told you obgyn to tell you that you had to eat meat because he was a coward and didn't want to do it himself. you might just want ask  him that he could have been the real one to have done this to you without you knowing  a thing and now that you want to go back to the choice you had before he is pissed for one and might just be feeling gulity for tricking you into doing this and just don't want to say it because he afraid you might get angry at him for tricking you this way.


Many of us vegetarians don't get any support from family and friends. I found that by sticking to my beliefs for such a long time (36 years), people have gradully come to accept it. Don't expect your husband to change though or try to change him. You also have to accept him for what he is. This might inspire some mutual respect.  Just try to be the best person you can be, and show people by example. There are many more vegetarians in the world now and the internet is here to show us we are not alone.


I'm a vegan, and if my obgyn told me I had to stop while pregnant then I would be looking for a new obgyn. Honestly almost the entire healthcare industry is corrupt. Did you know that only about 6 percent of doctors are taught any sort of nutrition in med school? Thankfully because of my vegan/raw diet I haven't had to go the doctors in years. I'm very thankful that I have a support system for my vegan lifestyle and my parents/boyfriend readily accepted it. My boyfriend even joined me in my endeavors. In all honesty, this just seems like a good lesson on "be careful who you have babies with".

But since you already had babies with him I would suggest just going your own path. Be your own person. Just because your married doesn't mean you have to sacrafice your beliefs. Are you the one who usually cooks dinner or prepares other meals? Well then prepare vegetarian meals and tell your husband if he wants something different then he needs to cook a seperate meal for himself, because eating healthier is very important to you. Try finding a vegetarian cooking class in your area, or a support group. Make some real life vegetarian friends and maybe that will help you get through. Sorry for your predicament, but if you have deep vegetarian beliefs then marrying a man who doesn't probably wasn't a wise choice. Hope it all works out!



Just have a sit down with your husband and come up with a compromise. Honestly none of those PETA videos make me not wanna eat meat. I definately think animals are for eating if you so wish it. Yes I have watched Forks over Spoons and any other documentary and read plenty of books. I still like meat. Trying to change his mind about that is impossible, but you being vegan shouldn't have to depend on him. I would suggest stressing that veganism is what you want for yourself and then just stick with that. I am concerned that he is calling your decision stupid though. I know a few vegan and omni couples that truely respect each others eating habits and live well together. To not to is rather rude. He may be responding to you trying to change his beliefs more so than your actual decision to be vegan. I have a brother who will never go vegan and I know it. I joke with him about it, but at the end of the day I know he ate meat today and everyday. The main thing to ask yourself is: he has fathered two of your children and has married you and been married to you for some time. Is him eating meat really a deal breaker, especially if he was a omni the whole time? If not, then take a little time to figure out how you can work your vegan around his omni and ask him to try to work him omni around your vegan.

A simple thing to do would be to make your meals and then just throw a piece of chicken or whatever in the oven for him. Make your main dish his side dish. If you only make a meat portion for one, there won't be any left for you to eat. I suggest chicken because it is so versatile.

Oh and kids tend to mirror the eating habits of the parent they are with more which is typically mom. I'm not sure how old they are, but if they are still young you can still mold them into veganism if you so desire. Eat in front of them, involve them with cooking the vegan meals. The meat for your husband should just seem to appear by magic to young kids. If they are older, then you may have to work with their desires as well.

Hope that helps

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