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I'm climbing onto the vegan wagon

Hi one and all. I just joined VegWeb and am looking forward to becoming a fulltime vegan. I'm easing in as my dh isn't willing to play with me. I have to cook two meals. Right now I'm cooking just one and adding a chunk of meat to his. My hardest part is giving up eggs. I've been an eggaholic all my life. I'm down to just a couple of times a week. I eat vegan about 80 % of the time.

I love to cook and it's a good thing as being vegan means cooking a lot. I'm also a writer. I have one novel published, a new one coming out in Sept. and another being shopped by my agent right now. I'm starting another this week. I'm also a photographer and an avid golfer.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of you. Cheers, LadyJ2

Welcome, LadyJ2! Going vegan will be the best decision you ever make, and we hope VegWeb will provide all the resources you need to make it easy and delicious. Thanks so much for introducing yourself!


Welcome LadyJ2. I also cook for a mixed family and that is what caused me to look at vegan recipies. Two meals is bad enough but I have an ovo-lacto veggie daughter who loves her cheese and I am lactose intolerant so I can not eat some of her foods. The more I eat veg*n, the less I want meat. I can tell you that I found things here that everyone at least tolerates if not actually likes and a few that are true winners. that is amazing in my house. Welcome to the adventure.

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