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My name is Kayla and I have been thinking about going Vegan for awhile now. I am a huge animal lover but I am thinking about going vegan more for health reasons.  It's disgusting how processed so much food is these days and with every new generation more and more people are getting more allergies and health problems. I truly want to live a healthier life style but I'm honestly not sure where to start. I've seen a Lot of fantastic looking recipes but how do I know if I will be eating a well balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals I need? My biggest fear is because of my lack of knowledge I will end up manutirished.  I also wanted to try juicing,  and I was wondering if anyone had some advice or even recipes for that as well.  Because of digestive issues I've been living on soups, bread and Bolt House and Naked Drinks. I went to a gastroenterology and Liver Specialist yesterday and all he did was throw some drugs at me,  set me up for a few tests and said see you in 4 months... I was really hoping for more than that but I guess I was being too optimistic. Any advice on starting a vegan diet would be more than greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!

Hi Kayla. Welcome.  I think the best advice is that Nike logo--just do it. It's almost impossible to be malnourished if you livein the US.  Seriously, (Once you are completely vegan you should take a B12 supplement..)  The bigger challenge is getting the right ingredients in your home to prepare foods you find satisfying.  Start by making some of the recipes and incorporating them into your daily diet.  You can have a phase-in, or transition period.  It won't just happen, though, if you don't make an effort, because most people do not have a cabinet filled with whole grains and beans and some tofu in the fridge. I think you should find a couple of recipes you like, especially ones with beans or tofu or seitan, and make them for dinner.  Then you're on your way!


Hi Kayla. Great to meet you.

I agree. It is so easy to find a wide range of Vegan products now, that you will have no worries with being undernourished. Also, there are some great free resources on the net that show you how to get the nurtrients you need in your diet. One site to start with is the Vegan Society. Google them and on their site you will see free downloadable content on everything you need to know about being Vegan. The only thing I would suggest, when you are new to veganism, is that you do take a Vegan Vitamin and Mineral supplement to be sure you are covering everything you need. I think as soon as you take the leap, you will see how easy it is and how much better you will start to feel.

Good luck and if you need any help or advice, then let me know...I will be happy to help :)



I was trying to improve my cardio and hit a wall. The movie "Forks over Knives: opened my eyes. Mayo clinic diet has so much meat and dairy, I think if I can clear my viens with vegan eating then my cardio will improve. I am almost 60.

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