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Mostly Vegan, Mostly Gluten free, Cyclist.

Hey friends! 

I've been vegan before for a few years, but had to stop for awhile when I was getting seriously into bike racing and distance triathlon. If any of you vegan/gluten free endurance athletes out there have any tips and tricks, I'm always looking for some new recipes! 

Right now, I'm in love with brown rice pasta with olives, nutritional yeast, minced garlic, broccoli, and sauteed spinach. YUMMMM.

Talk to me, I'm nice. :)



Hi! Definitely check out the "Lean, Mean Vegan Machine" forum, lots of vegan athletes in there! There are so many vegan athletes out there, and they're all doing really well! Also, this site is great resource for vegan athletes: Good luck!!

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