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New and Eager, Yet Very Hesitant

Hello, everyone! 

After years of knowing that my body simply doesn't like to digest most meat, I've decided to try my hand at vegetarianism. Vegan seems a bit too extreme to start out with, for me at least. I've attempted to be a vegetarian when I was younger, although I feel like a lot of adolescent girls dabble in it once or twice. Now that I'm an adult, I know what I want much more firmly than I did before.

In my household, there are several dietary restrictions which would make a vegetarian diet easy to work with. These restrictions being lactose intolerance, egg, and peanut allergies. 

As right as this whole diet/lifestyle seems for me, I'm nervous. I've often seen a lot of critique and read a lot of horror stories of negative side-effects associated with this dietary choice. I suppose what I'm looking for here is a bit of reassurance and perhaps some useful information regarding many of the myths. I have read the post on here about that,  but that was a bit of a coles notes version in my opinion. 

Anyways, if you'd like to get to know me, here I am! :)

Hi Mika! I'm new here too. :)  


Hi, Mika. I've tried my hand at it before as well and I had no negative effects, only Good ones. I stopped only because I had reached and surpassed my goal. I have recently begun a vegetarian diet again with the intent of going beyond my goal (30 days). I'm kicking the "diet" off with a 30-day challenge to get rid of the meat.

It seems to me that this diet would be perfect for you and your family. Consider yourself fortunate. =) Good luck on your journey. It may help to use a weekly meal planner or get a meal suggestion or two from each member of the family and then rotate those until you feel more comfortable.


I will be starting a vegan diet on Monday. I am somewhat nervous about the whole thing. I will not convert my entire household into vegan right away. I think my kids my have a fit if they couldn't have Pizza

Anyway, any tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreicated.

Wish me luck :)

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