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New and Needing Support.

Hi, I am not new to the site but I am new to the forums and need some information and support.

I decided to become a vegetarian after I had been married for a year, I believe in Veganism as a way of life for moral and health reasons. Unrelated to my decision to become Vegetarian I developed an eating disorder because of stress and other personal issues that I had been dealing with for a while.
I love being a vegetarian and even more being a vegan, but because of my health complications my husband and I decided that for a few months at least I would start eating meat again. It's killing me, I feel terrible and I want to start eating the way I was eating.

Now to the point of my post... because of the ED problems I had, my body and it's hunger signals are screwed up. I am just wondering if anyone on here has had an eating disorder in the past and ate a vegan diet on their way to recovery. What supplements they took, or what exercising they did?

Any information and help would be much appreciated.

I have a great support system in my house and I hope to add this community to that support system so I can be healthy again! :)

Glad you found the forums.  There is over 1300 posts here:

As long as your veganism honestly isn't fueled by a desire to cut out high calorie foods, then it's hopeful you can return to veganism when you're ready, gain weight and be healthy all at the same time.


i think veganism is a great way to feel happy about what you are FUELING your body with... do what makes sense to you


I don't have experience dealing with that set of challenges, but wanted to offer welcome and support anyway. Maybe you could 'drift' back towards plant-based eating, starting with 1 or 2 days a week and building from there as long as your ED issues remain under control... there are lots of calorie/nutrient-dense healthy veg foods, like nut cheezes & gravies and such; and if you wanted to use ovo-lacto veg eating as a stepping stone, your family might worry about you less with a transition away from meat, and you could gradually reduce animal foods from there...

Anyway, I'm glad you're here-- you aren't the first person to deal with these issues, and this is a good place to find the support you need. Hope it all goes smoothly for you, from here on out!  :)


Thanks everyone! I think going from lacto-ovo then to vegan would be a good idea. I am happy to have the community.

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