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New one here!!

Hi all. I am new to the forum here. I was diagnosed 6 months ago with a dairy allergy and decided that since I was gonna have to do without that, I would work on going more and more vegan. I am more vegetarian right now.

There are 5 in my family. My husband is now on a low fat/low cholesterol/low salt diet. My mother has to make sure to not get too much protein and not to have her weight go more than 10 pounds up or down. She got Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion and now has cirrhosis of the liver from that. My 17 y/o daughter has IBS, but refuses to make herself feel better. She likes her milk and cheese too much. She hates tofu. My 16 y/o son could really use some help in losing weight, but refuses to lose meat, milk and cheese. It makes it really hard for me.

Most nights I feel like I am cooking 2-4 meals with all of these specialties. However, a lot of times, I have slipped things in that the kids did not notice. "Gee mom, what kind of rice was that?, Well, honey, it wasn't rice. We had quinoa!" or "Hey mom, that meatloaf was good! How'd you do that? Well, if I told you, you would never eat it again."  It had MorningStar Farm beef crumbles and made like a meatloaf but also had shredded zuchinni and other shredded veggies my daughter "hates".

Now, if I could just find the right milk alternative for a soup broth that uses whole or 2% milk normally. Don't like soy milk, almond milk doesn't have the right taste (maybe it will) and I think the rice will be too thin, but I like cooking with that milk.

How about a mix of unsweetened Mimic Cream and almond milk?

The Mimic Cream would thicken it up and the almond milk would keep it from being too caloric.


What kind of soup are you thinking about? Soaked and blended (with water) raw cashews are great for creamy style soups..and the flavor is excellent. Are you using unsweetened plain almond milk? Even just the regular plain will taste very sweet in savory recipes. 


You mentioned you don't like soy milk.  Have you tried more then one type?  Different brands taste different and fresh (from the refrigerator case) has a different flavor than the stuff in the boxes.  It might be worth a second try. 


Sounds very challenging.  Welcome to VegWeb......have you tried hemp milk?  To me that's the most "milklike" of the alternatives.  However, it's expensive and not often on sale.

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