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New vegan would love a little help.

Hello everyone! 

Well, i guess I could start by introducing myself and offer a little insite to why I've decided to go vegan. I would love to hear any advice, tips or suggestions, as i am new to this lifestyle.

Im a 27 year old mechanical engineer tech living in California. Im a single dad to an awesome lil 11 year old daughter who is (surprisingly) willing to take the lifestyle change with me. Heart disease and cancer runs ramped in my family, to which, i have recently discovered i will be fighting the same battle (heart disease). With Crestor, my cholesterol is 424, and triglycerides are at 405. Few more pulmonary test later, i discover partial blockage throughout my arteries. I can't even explain how confusing and frustrating this is. I've never had a "bad" diet. I excersize often, and im extremely active in spare time. From my understanding, i inherited this gift. So this is why im deciding to go vegan. I've read numerous heart patient accounts contributing plant based diets to their well being. I want to be well. 

So here are my questions and concerns:

1) I work a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. I really need this lifestyle to be as convienent as possible. Between work and raising a daughter on my own, i have little time to even sleep. Any advice on shopping/meal preparation would be appreciated.

2) I work for a naval base in the middle of no-where, grocery stores are limited. What are you common, easy to find food staples?

3) is this lifestyle safe for a growing 11yr old?

Once again, its nice to meet all of you. If you have any tips or advice, I'd love to hear them. I'd even be open to communicating through text for on-the-fly vegan crisis questions lol.



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