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New From Virginia

I am really glad I found this site. My wife of five years is a McDonalds addict and has found out she is borderline type 2, She has finally decided to do something about it. She is enroled iin the "CHIP" program (Coronary Health Imporvement Project)and is really set on changing her eating habits. I am retired and I do all the cooking so I am going vegan too. We have been on the program for three weeks now. She claims she is feeling much better now and is going to stick with it. I am at my ideal weight now and feel great.    Tommie

Good luck! Change can be difficult, but well worth it!! :-)


Good Luck. I went cold turkey vegan in late January... and by vegan, I mean the healthy vegan, low sodium, low fat, no processed junk, kind of vegan etc. It was ROUGH for a long time. BUT, I came around. My tastebuds came around too. I found some things I really loved (and the one's I didn't, I dropped.) It's amazing how fulfilled I feel now because at first, i thought it was crazy. I always tell people give it 30 solid days of your best effort and experiment A LOT. You'll find a way and you won't want to go back.

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