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new to this world!

Hi everyone! I've decided to become I justcan't stand the thought of eating animal products anymore... I am looking for any helpful hints and great recipes to try..I also love cheese..and that is going to be a toughie to stop! But its time,and I'm ready to go!!!!!!!!

Welcome Emnick! I have found the recipes here to be pretty darn good. If you are as much of a cheese fiend as I used to be, I would advise totally skipping all the "fake cheese" out there. I have tried several brands that got rave reviews here and all of them ended up in the trash. They just were "off" and pretty nasty in my book. If I get desparate I do make with the rotel tomatoes as a nacho sauce or for on bean burritos. I can not keep my 18 yr old omni son away from it. Again, Welcome


Welcome! I agree with what semiveg said, the fake cheese out there is just wrong as well as the yogurt (Greek yogurt was my weakness). There is one fake cheese which I found to be OK, it's call Diya, but its not the same and when you use it, keep that in mind. Let me say there is a lot of great recipes out there that can satisfy your cheese cravings. Good luck and welcome!

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