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newbie here!

so, i've been vegan now since march 20th, not that i'm keeping track.  i made this change due to ethical/moral reasons.  it hasn't been a hard transition, though there are times when i have those cravings.  of course, then i rememeber. . .

so, i still need to learn how to get around on this forum.  my immediate question here is i'm looking for recommendations for really good, and simple vegan cokbooks.  i'm a foody wannabe, so i know my way around the kitchen a bit.  i look for recipes with a short list of ingredients and nothing really "gourmet".  when i changed my dietary choices, i decided to change my palate, so i'm not looking for "fake" foods - don't need to use vegan substitutes to make "carnivore" looking food.


so - i'm glad to be here, and will browse around.  thanks for any and all suggestions!

im new aswell so anything you find will a lot of help for me too. so i only gone vegen for only about four days now so i need a cook book too


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