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No tomatoes, No beans... My belly hurts.

Hello There!

Newly vegan and my little body does not like to process all the beans and tomatoes I have been consuming. I want to take the week off from these two ingredients but need some go to recipes. Made some not tuna salad today possibly an avocado pasta this evening... Need some more ideas.. Thanks in advance!

Hey Hippie! I had the same problem. Take it easy. Your system will adjust to the new athletic way it has to respond to your diet. Tomato sauce is full of lycopene, which is murder on cancer, so integrate it back into your diet slowly. I OD'd on raw veggies at first and had to cut back on them. Lentils and quinoa might be a bit easier to digest so try those protien souces too. Or, stay with polenta, cream of wheat even oatmeal for a bit, until the intestines start doing their job properly. Read, research, but above all, don't give up! 

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