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The Perfect Girl/Guy.... Do They Exist?

     A lot of people criticize me when I say I'm waiting/looking for the perfect person. But I know she is out there. And I know he or she is out there for you too! It's not that I/we are looking for the "perfect" being or a deity. It is as simple as this.....  it's the perfect person....get this..... for me/ know...true love. Someone who compliments the other completely.

      I think people settle too much. I know I have!!!! Hence why I'm single though. They were not my perfect person. Not that they were not good people or great people for that matter. Just not My perfect person.

      I believe that everyone can make it work with the not perfect person... but I don't want to and I don't feel others should have to either. It has been a 5 year wait with a couple settles for me but I remain confident I will find her!

      What do you all think? Does the PERFECT person exist.... or like soooo many have said to me about this...I'm crazy!   - Alex

The perfect person probably does exist for everyone but there are also billions of people in the world. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I wish you lots of luck! Don't give up and settle. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.


I totally agree. I genuinely believe that there's one perfect person for everyone. That being said, i know how it is to settle, and honestly there's no worse feeling than being with someone you know isn't right for you in the long run. 

as was mentionned by beca, i totally agree that finding your "perfect person" is kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack. BUT i believe in fate, and regardless of whether you're looking for a needle in a haystack or a dog in a doghouse (random comparison, i know haha) i think we're all meant to find whoever we define as "perfect". all we really need is to be really patient. :)


        Thanks you guys! I agree Beca hahah since I have been on my search for the last 5 years ! I know it isn't easy but I know it will be sooooo worth it. I would meet a billion people to find her! Brianna I like your thoughts and it really does suck to be with someone knowing its not right! I think we know its not right bc they aren't the perfect one! I too believe in fate which is why I have been patient :)

        The way I look at it, when its the right one both people will know it is and the relationship will just work.  Usually people say I'm wasting my time and should open up my standards or wants. But the whole reason I have them is because I have already done that and learned that it didn't work lol ! And I have found it is much easier to be with someone who shares your passions. Something so simple as eatting becomes such an easier and less argumentive task, not to mention more fun!

        My bro's both have gf's who are meat eaters. Which is fine and I love all people. But it's not for me. I can't do it. I have tried and tried but in the end I'm still not entirely happy. I don't want to change anyones mind or who they are. It isn't fair to that person or me. Brianna we must keep the faith as not many people agree with us!!!


haha i definitely agree! but who cares what other people think really, we're the only people who can determine our happiness, and honestly i dont think it's worth it to waste your time with someone who you dont find totally perfect for yourself because for all you know, while youre wasting your time with a "filler" as i like to call them, your perfect girl might have time to walk in and out of your life. thus, not worth it. 

still totally frustrating though :P

and yes, about the shring your passions thing, if you can't agree on something so fundamental as your lifestyle, whether it be fitness or diet, etc etc. i dont think you can really build a healthy relationship. it's like setting yourself up for daily arguments. (i do think arguing can be good, but not on the daily haha) 


Brianna it looks like you an I are the only ones who feel this way hahah! I agree as well with your previous message as well :)


Maybe you two should get to know each other better Wink


I had a conversation relevant to this topic with a friend of mine not too long ago.

I asked her, "Do you believe in true love? I mean, finding the ying to your yang?" She said, "No. I think you can be with someone, and you can make it work, or you can't." I agree with this, and I don't. I most certainly believe there are people whom are 'made' for each other. But I believe this on a less spiritual level. I don't think people are 'born' for each other, rather 'brought up' for each other.

People come in all different forms, shapes, sizes, backgrounds. There is no doubt people whom you will be completely compatible with due to their genetic make-up, or up bringing. But because this is such a varied thing, and I believe never the same between two people, it means there could be literally a single soul in this entire world that is absolutely perfect for you.

I think a lot of people are under the impression too, that the 'perfect person' is someone who is going to love them unconditionally, without change, without fear or worry. I believe this is wrong. In fact, I believe that someone who is perfect for you is going to be the one the causes you to change (for the better, of course). Someone who inspires you to be a better person, to give more, to help you hate less, and in return you do the same for them. Someone who honestly can appreciate your qualities in their entirety, and who is willing to share them with you. That to me is love. And that is what people ultimately want.

We get so caught up in the idea of a perfect person, that we overlook true perfection. People say perfection doesn't exist. I disagree. I believe everyone is 'perfectly' themselves. There is no one exactly like them, no one who can act like them 'perfectly', thus we alone are perfect. I think the perfect person is someone who you acknowledge this fact with. Who you can look at and subconsciously go, "Wow, this person is perfect." Even during their bad moments.

Whether someone was made for you or not is irrelevant, because it all boils down to we want someone to love us. To give us expectations that we can strive at. Challenge us to be better people. We want to aspire to our dreams, and we want to be able to see that person with us.

Also with dating, I notice there is this trend where people like to seem as fake as possible so the other person is appeased by their mask. You always hear, "He's changed! She's changed!" Not really. They just stopped faking whatever they were faking, and so did you. I find most relationships are imperfect because of this. If everyone was honest, and upfront to begin with, it wouldn't be so challenging finding the person you are most compatible with.

You should never settle for second best, though. Not with anything. So it's always good to keep your heart, and your mind open.


        haha Beca!!  Xephyra I like what your presenting! I agree but feel your saying ultimatly the same as I am. I don't expect the person to be a perfect person...rather.. my perfect person. And I feel there are millions of the perfect persons out there in this world. I feel also your kinda of agreeing with your friend. Bc if you are acknowledgeing the persons "perfectness" for you then you are making it work! We all are sayign the same but just differently.

        I truely beleive that I will find her! Not God or anything but just someone who does work for me. Yes the good change !! Someone who perfectly compliments me. But for me I feel it's goign to be someone who has similar ideals as I do. not all or even a lot of them. but just some of the major ones. My hear and my mind are always open !! I'm just waiting for it !! haha soooooooon...please? lol  again I think we are saying the same thing !


oops hit post twice !!



Perfection isn't a reality, it's a concept and a very relative one at that.  Sure there is someone for everyone (more or less) but it is also very possible to be single have a meaningful life.  The media and society paint pictures of romance and relationships that don't have to be the standard--but that's a tangent. On subject I'd say that the notion of "settling" for someone does not have to be negative, because change is inevitable.  You're concept of perfection right now can be something completely different in 5 years--it may seem like you're "settling" now but as the relationship changes over time, and it will, you might have ultimately "settled" for perfection. 

It could also be a complete bust but that’s the true reality when it comes it relationships—all you can do is make the plunge and hope for the best.


        Hello theartysone :) I agree and dissagree with your "perfection isn't a reality". I only disagree because I feel a "generalized perfection" is fake and exactly due to media and social impact! However I feel like the perfection I'm speaking of is simply ones veiw on another. Similar to the beauty is in the eye of the beholder type deal. And of course things change but its also how people cope with the change and/or what they would become from the change that concerns me.


There is such thing as a perfect match :)


Thanks veggie! I will not give up hope :) and I hope you find yours!


Yes, they do exist!!! 

Every human being have a perfect match that GOD given to us....

It's a GIFT from GOD!!!

-funny pictures




Where ever they come from I'm just glad they are here......where ever they may be! And you know I was thinking about what you said beca about the needle in a haystack. It may be like finding it in a haystack but when you do find the needle... you get to sew :) without it you have two pieces of fabric just waiting to be together! lol


I like what you said Veg_Drummer about "my perfect person".  I think that it is possible for there to be more than one perfect person for you, it's just a matter of being patient and staying involved in activities where you get the chance to meet them! 

That being said, I have no illusions about my DH being "perfect" for me.  He has a pretty serious health condition that puts a strain on us, but it doesn't make me love him any less.  Is it my ideal situation, no.  But it something I compromised on because it is a part of him that he doesn't have control over.   There are other people who it would be EASIER to be with, but I don't know that that makes the relationship any more "perfect" or better. 

I guess what I'm saying is don't be quick to throw out a good thing when problems pop up.  No person is without blemishes, and no relationship is without bumps. :)


Hello Vegbrarian :) See I think I have realized the missunderstanding of my "perfect person". In my opinion Dh is your perfect person or else you wouldnt be with him. blemish or no. I don't mean if someone has any issue concerning anything that they are not perfect. I mean more heart and sould type stuff. Plain and simple... Love...Unconditional. But for it to go both ways they have to be perfect for each wants to cheat or look else where. Some one who fits you and your being. Mushy stuff like that :)

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