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Recent transition to veganism

Hi everyone!

My name is Emily and I've been slowly making my transition into vegatarian/veganism and a couple weeks ago i finally found the right motivation for me and haven't touched meat since.

Part of my reason for chosing a change in lifestyle was issues with weight, and of course for animal rights. My brother and his girlfriend use to live with me and were a huge help as they both are vegan but they no longer live with me and I'm finding myself struggling a little bit with diet.

Does anyone have any tips on veganism based on protein, vitamins ect?






all have great protein.


There is so much protien...out there you dont even realize it.

Remember that the food industry has put it in our ears that the only protien and calcium is in meat and dairy...this is not true at is a great documentary/book...look up Forks over knives....Great help for me and after I watched it, I changed my life.

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